Your Secret Brain - Audio Program ,
Paula Oleska by Guest of Sam Liebovitz

August 10, 2015


Guest of Alice Aspen March, BBM Network 
November 26, 2019

Paula Oleska, Guest of Sam Liebovitz

​How Brain Upgrade will help you achieve

breakthroughs faster

June 11, 2013

Looking for a dynamic, entertaining, and life-changing speaker for your event?

Featured Speaking Program: 

  • The Art of Getting Things Done – How to Overcome Procrastination

          and Maximize Your Productivity in Record Time

  • Maverick Mindset: The New Mind That Emerges When You Get a Brain Upgrade
  • How to Permanently Transform Anger
  • Brain Upgrade: a Shortcut to Fulfillment and Peace of Mind

Accelerate Your Results in Every Area of Your Life and Business with Brain Upgrade®!​

How Experiential Neuroscience Will Reveal Your True Self,
by Paula Oleska, Interview, Mindalia TV

October 4, 2018

PAULA OLESKA, THE GUEST OF Vic conant, nightingale-conant corp.

August 18, 2015

In Paula’s presentations you will learn:

  • The real reason why you are not getting the results you want
  • How your mind really works
  • The secrets of getting results fast
  • How to organize your brain for ultimate success
  • And much more!

Brain Upgrade will give the keys to a new mind and a new productivity – which will equal more money, more time, more freedom and no more struggle!

If you are struggling with developing a better mindset...

overcoming procrastination... struggling to make more money... 

and generally be more successful...

It’s not your fault!

You won't need to look for different solutions for different problems anymore. 

Because there is only ONE underlying cause for ALL problems.

The cause is what I call Brain Disorganization.

Something you can fix really quickly - if you know the right method.

That method is Brain Upgrade. It will solve your problems in record time,

painlessly and permanently.

Are you ready to break free from the struggle in your life?

         Media & Brain Upgrade 

Paula Oleska is a bestselling author, award-winning brain coach, mindset maverick and procrastination wrangler. She came to the US without a penny and built a six-figure business with no previous business experience and no contacts. Paula created her proprietary modality, Brain Upgrade, based on cutting edge neuroscience and helped over 5,000 individuals skyrocket their business and personal results. She has been speaking and teaching internationally for over 25 years.

Today, Entrepreneurs / Professionals hire Paula to command a Bold Mindset, because most have a massively disorganized brain, drowning in limiting beliefs, paralyzed by doubt, and lack motivation and productivity. So Paula helps them gain brain order, clarity, focus, and productivity to achieve powerful accelerated results.

Bottom line, the key to success is order, on the inside and out, so let’s get you some fast powerful results. 

Leadership whether in corporations or your own business starts with you. If you want toown a Maverick Mindset we need to take a look at that brain of yours.

POWER HOUR with Paula Oleska, BrainUpgrade Expert,

September 16, 2015

Empowered Women’s Summit
November 22 - 23, 2019

GRC Webinar, Personal Productivity Breakthroughs BY PAULA OLESKA

September 27, 2018

How to Optimize your Brain?
Paula Oleska, Brain Expert

Guest of Liz Soria

December 15, 2018

Now you have the opportunity to achieve this totally unique and super-powerful source. It’s a one-year mentoring program where week by week and month by month we will dismantle all the conditioning in your brain using my secret method. You will be experiencing breakthroughs with each session. And at the end of the year, you will emerge with new personal freedom, sky-high energy and the new ability to take fearless action on your own behalf.

Here is the link to Live Your Dream Guilt Free™ program.