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​Friday, March 15, 8.30 - 5.30 pm

President of Coaching Insight LLC, 

will teach you how to create a powerful stage presence to increase your income

​​Who else wants to get seen, heard and do more business in 2019?


A New Way To Change Mindsets and Behaviors

​​A Powerful One-Day Conference that Delivers Results:

  • Plus a special hour of group coaching with selected speakers at 6 pm


  • Paula: The Wisdom of Anger: how to instantly eliminate emotional stress that blocks you from moving forward, $49 value
  • Chris: Master the Art of Mindfulness for Peak Performance: Self-Mastery by Mastering Your Inner Critic, $47 value 

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A Renouned Speakers and Business Consultant,

will teach you what it takes to have success mindset

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  • Remove the hidden obstacle that has prevented you from reaching the success you want
  • Practical tools to sky-rocket your success mindset
  • Why the first impression can make or break your business – and how to master it
  • How to maximize the tools that make you an expert: including books and stages
  • And much more

A Celebrity Interviewer, Bestselling Author, and Ghost Writer,

will show you how to create a book that will instantly brand you as an Expert

Attention entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners!


Maximize Your Influence!

  • ​Lunch with the celebrity ghost writer Glenn Plaskin – priceless! ​

28 Liberty St F6, New York, NY 

It’s Amazing How Much You Can Expand Your Influence and Power in Just One Day!

  • ​Online courses from Paula and Chris:

For more information, contact: Paula Oleska, paula@brainupgrade.biz, (646) 554-3461

or Chris Salem,chris@christophersalem.com, (203) 733-8469.

We look forward to seeing you on March 15

A Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Brain Coach, Mindset Maverick, 

will show you how to achieve your own Maverick Mindset