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President of Coaching Insight, Andrea Feinberg partners with growth-focused, independence-driven business owners to radically accelerate revenue with a well-run business that contributes to a happy, abundant life.

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Dorothy Lata is an expert in personal branding, providing, insights on how your visual image becomes a brand that matters. A former Creative Director at Bloomberg TV-Global Network.

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Paula Oleska is a bestselling author,         

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mindset maverick.

A New Way To Change Mindsets and Behaviors

28 Liberty St F6, New York, NY 

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Chris Salem has a special passion for empowering and serving business leaders and entrepreneurs taking their business and life to another level.

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Graham Dobbin is an experienced trainer, business consultant and public speaker. But more than that, he is someone with a passion for people.


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Glenn Plaskin is a celebrity interviewer, bestselling author, and ghost writer who writes non-fiction books for Entrepreneurs, Public Speakers, and CEO's.

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