​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is Brain Upgrade   ?

It's a new, radically different method of creating results.

What kind of results?

Any results you want! Because
Brain Upgrade addresses the underlying reasons for ALL problems. And it is specifically designed to create deep, lasting and permanent transformation - and yet it is the easiest, most painless and fun go about making changes.

My individual clients have worked with all of these issues and many others: personal growth, business achievement, productivity, mindset... overcoming procrastination, improving sales, passing exams...

When I work with you ONE-ON-ONE, you will get your results immediately!

How is that possible?

Because Brain Upgrade is a new methodology based on the cutting edge of neuroscience: the emerging understanding of the relationship between mind, brain and body.

Why does that matter?

Because thisnew approach is a real game changer that makes

it possible to achieve results in record time.

Imagine the freedom, exhilaration and accomplishment you will feel

when your big challenges are solved!

(And many other obstacles along the way also).

And I assure you we also have fun doing it!

Brain Upgrade does away with tedious repetition and frustrating rehearsals of new behavior. The new behaviors emerge spontaneously from within, without trying!

How do you do it?

Well... Did you notice how difficult it is to create a new habit? Or implement new learning? Or to follow up on your decision?

Why is that?

That's because almost all currently available methods of self-improvement, productivity, problem-solving and even developing Emotional Intelligence use only a small portion of your brain!

Brain Upgrade taps into all the other, unused parts that are actually in charge of ALL of the changes you want to make. That's how we can make the changes much much faster!

How do I experience Brain Upgrade?

Brain Upgrade comes in two formats: Workshops and individual sessions. (links)

What kind of results can I expect?

​Here are some sample results:

Individual sessions:

  1. Young woman was working on her Ph.D., but could not get around to writing her thesis for many months. She was so distressed about it, she even tried suicide. Then she was referred to me. After four sessions, she started to work on her thesis and without further sessions was able to complete it, defend it and get a job.
  2. This middle-aged woman started to work with me about a year ago. One of her problems was a very difficult relationship with her parents, causing her great distress. After the first three months, she was able to resolve many of her issues and went home for a visit. Even though some of her old patterns of trauma were triggered, the visit went better than before. After a few more months she went home again and this time her visit went very smoothly. She started to receive weekly phone calls from her father. She was astonished, since he had never called her before, in her whole life.
  3. Another your woman had trouble concentrating for more than 20 minutes. After three sessions she said she could concentrate for 1.5 hours. After five sessions, she said she could easily study whatever she wanted. After a year, she passed a difficult professional exam with flying colors.
  4. Another woman started a new business.
  5. A man prepared and got a new, much better job.
  6. Another man was able to rebuild his business after a natural disaster and went from broke to $500,000 in sales in six months​.

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How long does it take to see results?

The results are incredibly rapid! Sometimes you can experience change within an hour or even within minutes!

When you work on you individual goal, it usually takes 4 - 10 sessions to finish working on one goal.  And then, voila! You experience  a complete change in skills or behavior you were working on. And most of the time you experience improvements even during the process!