How inherently good humans are – or aren’t – has been an issue which has occupied philosophers for centuries.

Evolutionary biologists have the belief that all life is shaped by a constant Darwinian battle that allows only the “survival of the fittest”. (By the way, that was not Darwin's idea but that of his follower, Herbert Spencer).

Then there is the opposing theory of reciprocal altruism: evolution favors organisms that sacrifice their good for others. But this theory assumes that they do this in order to gain a favor in return! So it's not really altruistic.

We have all noticed  that some people are more altruistic than others. Followers of that “survival of the fittest” theory claim that these differences are illusory: deep down, everybody acts only to further their own interests.

But now, this argument is obsolete! Both theories are true - contemporary neuroscience provides new answers.

Watch this video to find out how:

EQ - Emotional Intelligence