​​Have you heard the term “neuroplasticity”? 

Neuroplasticity means that your brain can change!

Until quite recently, science assumed that our brains were fixed

and that “you cannot teach old dog new tricks”.

Fortunately, thanks to a few brave scientists who dared to defy

the dogma, we now know that you can change your brain at any age.

You just need to have the right tools.

Luckily for you, I have the right tools. I am a brain-reprogramming expert and can reprogram your brain for maximum success.

As the founder of
Brain Upgrade®, I became known worldwide as a transformational brain coach.  Over 5,000 people from 4 countries have participated in my live trainings.

Today, women like you, hire me to unleash fearless action on their own behalf because most are drowning in obligations and are held back by secret internal programming of fears and doubts. So I help them make bold powerful decisions in their lives to achieve personal freedom and live their dreams.

I am a pioneer in the field of Specialized Kinesiology. I have had over 10,000 hours of training with the masters in the field and have served on the faculties of the Touch for Health Foundation, Educational Kinesiology Foundation and International Kinesiology College. Now, my purpose is to use my unique skills to help women liberate themselves from the oppression of guilt and pursue their own dreams.

I know from experience that the power of reprogramming your brain lies in restoring balance between the part of your brain that takes care of you and the one that takes care of others.

(I know: you are worried that you will just take care of yourself and forget about others. I want to reassure you: you are still a giving person! The others will still stay in the picture, just in a more balanced way)

Take my client
Lucia. She was totally committed to her family and doing what was good for them. When her cousin in a foreign country experienced a setback, she invited her cousin’s son to visit her and treated him to a trip of a lifetime.  They went to the Disneyworld and visited relatives in other parts the country. It was really fun! For her nephew.  But Lucia had to go into debt to pay for this. So, it was much less fun for her. She already had trouble paying her own bills. But never mind! Her devotion to her family’s wellbeing made her forget her own needs.

Today, Lucia is taking care of herself. She is still kind but she doesn’t volunteer to take care of family member or friends. When someone asks her to do something, she first checks whether they can do it themselves. When she agrees to help someone, she holds them accountable for their part of the project, like “I can help you straighten out your closet this time but you need to keep it organized. I’m not going to do it again”.

Lucia used to feel frustrated and resentful that her husband never did chores, even when she asked him repeatedly, so she usually did them herself. Today, her husband does the chores and Lucia has been surprised how loving and cooperative he became. Her home life is much happier and Lucia is now focused on pursuing her own goals.

You can be like Lucia!

And you will have the opportunity to achieve that in my totally unique and super-powerful program,
Live Your Dream Guilt Free™. It’s a one-year mentoring program where week by week and month by month we will dismantle all the conditioning in your brain using my secret method. You will be experiencing breakthroughs with each session. And at the end of the year, you will emerge with new personal freedom, sky-high energy and the new ability to take fearless action on your own behalf. 

​​​​​​​Here Is What Some Other Clients Have To Say…

"It is amazing how fast you can see the results"
Bank VP

"A mind-blowing simple way to have a more effective life!"

"Every day was a struggle and I was procrastinating in taking the necessary steps to grow my business. After Paula’s program, I was able to move forward with joy and excitement.  I finally took charge and accomplished an activity which should have been done a year and a half ago. Sales are up!"
Massage therapist

Looking forward to working with you soon!


P.S. Patricia recently sent me the following e-mail:
I wake up and attack things. I don’t avoid tasks, even the ones that are not attractive. I am much more of a doer! Cross things off my list and move on to the next thing”... I guarantee you’ll feel the same way.

John wrote:
Instead of wasting time on my commute as I used to do, I now take out my calendar and plan my day or a week.  I am much more productive at work. I use your exercises daily!”

Are you a woman who is a professional juggler?

Many women are juggling work and family and are drowning in obligations, expectations and demands.

They feel they are sacrificing themselves all the time.

They feel stretched too thin and run down.

And they feel they can't escape this cycle because too many people depend on them.

They can’t say no. That would be selfish.

So they feel more and more run down and farther and farther away from themselves and what they really want.​​​​

You see, a lifetime of being told to be nice and agreeable creates a habit of denying what you really want for themselves. Many women can’t even identify what they want!

This is conditioning that created an imbalance in your brain.  Your brain now sabotages your efforts to change your behavior. ​​

​If that's you, I have good news for you!

Do you have to stay stuck with this behavior?

Absolutely not!

​​​​​​By now you know that my clients like Lucia, and many more, have been able to achieve those results.

Could you do that too?

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