One client's transformation: During a session, this client, general manager of an Internet company, got in touch with the feeling that she needs to always take care of others. She said, "If I don't take care of others, they will get angry". After a 10 minute exercise she said,"If I don't take care of others - they will take care of themselves! I'll have a lot more time".

This transformation happened without any prompting on my part or a discussion of what attitude will be better. It comes out spontaneously, from within you.

Radical Breakthroughs To Personal and Business Freedom and Achievement!

​​​What is Brain Upgrade?

​​​How Can I Experience Brain Upgrade?

Even though Brain Upgrade can help solve anyone's problems, I currently specialize in creating breakthroughs for women in TECH. Improve confidence, productivity, time management and focus!  Eliminate procrastination, distraction and overwhelm with too much to do.

Imagine the accomplishment, exhilaration and freedom you will feel when these challenges are solved! 

My flagship workshop is The Art Of Getting Things Done, addresses all of these challenges.

Brain Upgrade creates deep, lasting and permanent transformation - effortlessly! It eliminates the tedious process of rehearsing new habits and behaviors - they became immediately available.

Brain Upgrade also eliminates the need to laboriously develop success mindset and control your negative thoughts. Your new, positive attitude emerges spontaneously!